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What's On

A guide to Knutsford Music Festival 2019
Afrika Fuentes
Ben Tavill
Callum Wright
Chris and Kelly While
Chris Howarth
Christie Bratherton
Dan Donnelly and Ben Paley
Danny Blackmond
DJ Matt
Emma Sweeney and Friends
Fine Lines
Fine Lines Acoustic at KMH
Forever Dylan
Golden Daggers
Gypsy River Band
Jack Woodward
John Smith
K-Town Beer Band
Kate’s Crafts
Knutsford Beats
Knutsford Folk Session w/ Northwich Folk Club
Knutsford Star Choir
Megan Dixon-Hood
Mereside Brass Band
Merry Hell
Michael and Sadie Roach
Mischa Lindan
Open Mic Night
Rick Whitehead
Sam Lyon
Scott Robertson
Sophie Leaver and Mark Newberry
String Infusion
The Coasters
The Giant Peach
The Gritstone Clays
The Music Train with Nelson Peach
The Old Firm
The Poem and The Song
The Tatton Singers
The Valkyries
Victor Brox